My Vocation: 5 Thankful Thoughts

I am always encouraging those around me to take time for reflection. My turn. Here are 5 things I am thankful for in my educational life.

1. I'm very thankful to be involved in the greatest vocation on the planet….EDUCATION!

2. I am thankful that no matter what everyday challenges come my way as a school leader, I am always inspired by our students.

3. I am very thankful for the amazing educators I work with daily and have had the joy of collaborating with over the years. Their wisdom is cherished.

4. I am thankful for the caring parents and community members that have helped create successful opportunities for our students.

5. I am thankful for my wonderful blog subscribers, followers and of course all of my PLN friends. THANK YOU!

8 Ways Successful Principals (and other educational leaders) Stay Healthy.

  1. Great Organizational Skills: Begin the day with priorities, and a list of TODOS. Do the most difficult first.
  2. Delegate: Share the work load with others, and nurture budding leaders.
  3. Let the Criticism “roll off”:¬†Just “smile and wave” ūüôā
  4. Reflection: This is a must! Make time for quiet reflection throughout the day.
  6. Connection with Peers: This can be done through your PLN (professional learning network) or other educational leaders within your district or region. Schedule time to meet with them regularly.
  7. Be Flexible: Walk away at the end of the day. You’ll never get it all done.
  8. Stay Active: Get outside, go to the gym, keep moving!

Why oh Why doesn’t Every Classroom Skype?

I have skyped around the world professionally and with family on a personal level. Skype is having our global neighbors in the same room! WHY wouldn't we do this on a regular basis in our classrooms??

Who to Skype:

  • Pen-pals
  • Authors
  • Professors
  • Parents
  • Teachers around the World
  • Business professionals
  • Students from around the world
  • Whole Classrooms
  • Entire schools

The possibilities continue to be endless!!

Then there is the PLN Connection:

  • Educators around the world
All of this wonderful information and collaboration is available now! Just a phone call or email away from arranging a plan. Let's JUST DO IT!


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7 Reasons “Why I Blog”! (and why more educators should:)

I am committed to blogging about my education passions on a regular basis.

  • Blogging frees my mind and helps to give clarity and structure to the many ideas I think about regularly.
  • My writing skills improve¬†by committing to blogging regularly.
  • It’s another opportunity to share my interests and beliefs¬†with friends and others in my PLN.
  • Blogging allows me to reflect upon on my past behaviors and decisions for continuous improvement.
  • I get feedback to aid in my personal and professional growth.
  • Blogging provides another opportunity to meet up and exchange ideas!
  • I get to share my learning!

There are so many benefits. What are some of yours?


I am very excited about BYOD programs happening in schools across the country. It’s the perfect blend of students:

  • Feeling comfortable with their own device.
  • Blended tech. models (one size does not fit everyone).
  • Finite funds available for school technology.

I heard a comparison recently of schools treating their technology budgets like a “Utility”. We need to budget for heating, phones, electricity. TECHNOLOGY is NOW added to that list of needed school utilities.

Here is a treasure-trove of BYOD resources: