Why oh Why doesn’t Every Classroom Skype?

I have skyped around the world professionally and with family on a personal level. Skype is having our global neighbors in the same room! WHY wouldn't we do this on a regular basis in our classrooms??

Who to Skype:

  • Pen-pals
  • Authors
  • Professors
  • Parents
  • Teachers around the World
  • Business professionals
  • Students from around the world
  • Whole Classrooms
  • Entire schools

The possibilities continue to be endless!!

Then there is the PLN Connection:

  • Educators around the world
All of this wonderful information and collaboration is available now! Just a phone call or email away from arranging a plan. Let's JUST DO IT!


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One thought on “Why oh Why doesn’t Every Classroom Skype?

  1. Short, to the point, and right on the money. I think we forget about this because it is still not a part of our general practice. Teachers may not have built enough tech fluency or have been provided the capacity to Skype regularly. As an administrator, I keep trying to model this practice in front of them and with them. Nice post, Larry!


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