Top 10 Favorite Reads in 2013

I have compiled 10 of some of my top 2013 educational reads. The list is in no particular order. These books have helped me personally and professionally in 2013.

1. Reign of Error: A provocative book that decries private sector and political leaders who diminish the current strength of public schools in America. It’s wonderfully practical.

2. Shifting The Monkey: Learn to “shift” responsibility back to the individual, group or entity where it belongs.

3. Focus: This book is an energized, easy read with practical teaching strategies and templates.

4. Building the World’s Greatest High School: It’s all about developing relationships! What will it take to believe OUR school is the World’s Greatest?

5. Teach Like a Pirate: Too many teachers teach from their perch (desk) Burgess challenges educators to “immerse” themselves into the classroom. Very entertaining and practical read for any teacher in any content area.

6. The Homework Myth: This book will make you rethink the value and meaning of traditional Homework.

7. Leverage Leadership: Exploring core principles of Educational Leadership. Many useful tools inside.

8. The Collected Writings of Rick Wormeli: I appreciate Rick’s insight on topics like assessment, grading, and educational passion.

9. World Class Learners: A provacative book about cultivating independent thinkers in a globalized society.

10. Change Leadership: A practical approach for school leaders of change.

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