Common Core: The Good, Bad and the Ugly.

Educators throughout the country have undergone professional development courses devoted to understanding Common Core State Standards. Many are questioning the merits of the CCSS.

The Common Core is a philosophical model, not yet tested and fine tuned. It’s premise states that all students need the same academic foundation for success after high school.

The Good:

  • An opportunity for the United States to position itself competitively with other countries by having a national benchmarked system of standards.
  • The CCSS will allow states to compare results.
  • Educators will now have additional collaborative and best practice opportunities to learn from their colleagues in other states .
  • Emphasis on Literacy and Math.
  • Increased rigor in the classroom and better preparation for life after high school.
  • The Common Core Standards will benefit students with high mobility. States will now share the same set of standards.
  • The Common Core assessments will be more authentic to a child’s learning experience. Students will no longer simply be allowed to come up with the right answer. In most cases, they must give an answer, state how they arrived at that conclusion, and defend it.
The Bad:
  • Emphasis on Literacy and Math, but not currently on other content areas.
  • Serious lack of planning for the 2015 roll-out. The transition will be a slow process over time.
  • Additional stress and burden put on educators and students with learning and implementing the new standards.
  • Early Childhood programs will increase program rigor. College and Career ready in Kindergarten?
  • No modification test in place yet for special needs students.
  • Schools are not prepared to finance the new materials for teaching and learning the new standards.
  • High stakes standardized testing will rise to new levels as states will now compare scores. (State standardized testing continues to hold less weight every year in the eyes of parents and communities).
The Ugly:

There is no evidence Common Core will improve education in America. It’s never been field-tested, and research suggests education standards have no effect on student learning. Many states with high standards have low achievement, and vice versa. Once again (as I stated in an earlier post), The Only Question: Is It Good For Kids?

What do you think?

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