What’s Your Brand?

What is the perception your community has about your school? 

The Brand that your school owns will promote the communities’ perception–Good AND Bad!

I have learned over the years to ask the following questions:

1. What discussions has our staff had lately about what we want the community to be aware of regarding our school?

2. What do we want parents and students to think about our school?

3. Is our “Brand” attractive, inviting, inclusive to our community? 

The following are just a few ways to create a powerful Brand for your school:

  • Use the website and all social media to the max!
  • Use newsletters and weekly blogs to your community.
  • Be visible/involved in your school and community.
  • Buy newspaper ads (if necessary) for school promotions.
  • Create “school update” radio spots on local stations.
  • Is our receptionist going the extra mile with kindness when greeting visitors?
  • Is our auto caller system pleasant and positive?
  • Will I get a machine or a real person when I call the school? Is the greeting always positive and cheerful?
The benefits of a Positive Brand for your school is enormous!
Make your school a super positive place to be and communicate your “Brand” to the public daily!
Please share ways your school demonstrates a positive Brand!

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