23 Qualities of Successful School Leaders


1. Authentic compassion for kids and a deep passion for teaching and learning.
2. A clear, defined and communicated vision.
3. The daily habit of goal-setting.
4. Excellent communication skills.
5. Commitment to Excellence.
6. Ability to empower others.
7. Ability to live with chaos.
8. Political savvy.
9. School finance understanding.
10. The ability to move past disappointment.
11. Energy and Enthusiasm.
12. Confidence tempered with humility.
13. Commitment to life long learning.
14. Optimism.
15. Proactive planning.
16. Willingness to take risks and make mistakes.
17. A love of diversity with individuals and groups.
18. Empathy for others.
19. Excellent negotiating skills.
20. Love of technology.
21. A transparent leadership style.
22. Flexibility and adaptability.
23. Absolute integrity.

Please add your comments and additions!

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