The Only Question: Is it good for kids?

The ART of successful schools continues to rest on the foundation of the Five “R”s:

  • Relationships
  • Respect
  • Rigor
  • Relevance
  • Rapport
I hope you find the following list helpful when connecting with kids. THIS IS WHERE IT ALL BEGINS!
  1. Smile and always greet them in the hall.
  2. Learn their names. This is a must!
  3. Seek them out when they’ve done a good deed. Send them a card of “Well Done”!
  4. Listen to their concerns. Don’t be quick to offer solutions. Just Listen.
  5. Ask what they think. Empower them. Give them voice!
  6. Find what their passions are…..inside and outside of school.
  7. Always ask… “How Can I Help You”?
  8. Look them directly in the eyes. THEY GET IT!
  9. Give them the respect you would want to receive in return.
  10. Laugh with them.
  11. Eat lunch with them….once a week, month or school year.
  12. Share with them something about you. It’s OK if they know that you’re human too.
  13. Give them praise when it’s deserved. Give them praise for their “uniqueness”.
  14. Above all….Honor their culture and background. Realize, Recognize and Respect the differences.
  15. Discuss with them how they can improve. Don’t assume they know.
  16. Empower them! Always ask them what their plans are to resolve their concerns or reach their goals.
  17. Have them read, read, read…….
  18. Be their Model.
  19. Be Authentic, and Genuine. Students know the difference.
  20. Trust them.
  21. Expect Respect.
  22. Give them opportunities to be a STAR!
  23. Be Positive. Why would you settle for anything less?
  24. Appreciate their individuality.